Welcome Back Families Letter

Dear North Wales families,

Welcome back! The staff and I are very pleased to welcome you and your children to the 2019-2020 school year! The first student day is Tuesday, September 3, 2019. We are eager to begin a fun filled year of learning together.  We hope that the summer provided you with plenty of enjoyment and time to relax with your loved ones.  

While the school hallways were eerily quiet during the summer without your children, our custodial staff, led by Doug Danenhower, was hard at work preparing the building for the arrival of staff and students. They have done a fantastic job!  The building looks as good as new. Speaking of new, I’d like to introduce the following staff members who are new to North Wales. Kindly join me in offering each of them best wishes for a successful school year.

Mrs. Lauren Patterson-Kindergarten

Ms.Victoria Horrell-Kindergarten (Sub for Mrs. Werdt 

Ms. Jacqueline Oberholtzer-2nd Grade

Ms. Ashley Kersey- 4th Grade

Ms. Kiersten Neubeck-4th Grade co-teacher

Ms. Savannah Garber-5th Grade

Mrs. Emily West- Paraprofessional

Be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 18, 2019 for our annual Back to School Night event.  

At one time or another throughout the school year our children are sure to forget an item that they need for school.  It might be an assignment, project, musical instrument, or even their lunch. We now have a “Student Item Drop-Off” area in our vestibule (see the picture below).  When you have an item to drop off for your child(ren) we ask that you kindly complete a “Delivery Tag.” Attach the tag to the item and place the item on the shelf.  Periodically, Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Foulks will check for items and will ensure they are delivered to the appropriate student.  

As you prepare to have your children arrive to school on Tuesday, I’d like to remind everyone of our arrival and dismissal procedures here at North Wales. Please know that these procedures are in place in our constant effort to keep our students safe.  

  • Car Riders: Drop-off and pick-up of Car Riders is to occur at the canopy at the back of the building only. All cars must enter from Fourth Street and may only drop-off/pick up their students in the designated drop off/pick up area. For the safety of the students, this is the only location for drop off and pick up of students who are driven to/from school. Please do not stop or park on 4th Street in order to drop-off/pick-up your student(s) at the playground.

  • Arrival: Parents should pull-up to the drop-off zone, allow students to exit and then pull away so that other cars may pull forward to unload.  We request that parents remain in the car. Students are only to exit their car on the curb side (right side).

  • Pick-up: Family last name must be displayed in large letters visible from the front of the car (Suggestion: placing a name card on the passenger side visor enables you to conveniently flip it down when needed). Students will be called as the cars are lined up. We request that parents remain in the car.  Students are only to enter their car from the curb side (right side).

For the safety of all children, at no time should a parent/guardian pull around to pass a stopped car.


  • Walkers:  Students who walk to school will now enter the building via the doors on the Fourth Street Playground.

  • Arrival:  Arrival time is from 9:00am-9:10am.  Students arriving to school during this time are to report to the Fourth Street playground and enter through these doors. 

  • Dismissal:  At dismissal all walkers will exit through the same doors.  Parents who meet walkers may wait for them on the Fourth Street playground.

Staff will be supervising this area during arrival and dismissal times.  Parents please do not allow students to arrive earlier than 9:00 am as they will be unsupervised until that time.  

  • Bus: All buses will park along the school side of Summit Street during arrival and dismissal.   Students who ride the bus will enter/exit the building via the Summit Street doors.

There is to be no parking along Summit Street, between Second and Fourth Streets, during school hours.

As always, thank you for supporting and following these procedures and in turn helping to ensure the safety of all of our children.  

Finally, I’d like to invite you to please stop by, reach out to me by email at covonejt@npenn.org or by phone at 215-853-1650 if you have any questions or concerns.  It is my hope that this school year we will continue to work in partnership to create the best educational environment possible for our students. Let’s have a “whale” of a school year!  


Joseph T. Covone, III