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Health Council Corner

The School Health Council has expanded and thrived due to the support of the teachers and North Wales community. Thank you to all the North Wales'teachers, staff, and families for your continued support. "A key component contributing to the success of our fitness activities is the support from the teachers and families.

When the School Health Council started five years ago, our main objective was to teach the students and their families about living a healthy, active lifestyle. The best part of our experience has been working with the students! When they are offered fruits and vegetables for taste testing or parties the kids are willing to give them a try. At Go for the Greens (encourages students to eat fruits and veggies) the kindergarten students taste tested kiwi, green apple, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, and carrots. Many students even asked for seconds once they tasted the veggies. By encouraging them and teaching them about nutrition they are more receptive.

We would like to share some of the highlights from the last five years. Fortunately, we are funded by grant money so all of the Health Council's initiatives are open and free to students and their families. The SHC has received six grants, the first being from PANA and the rest from the North Penn Community Health Foundation to maintain the program. The biggest one (which we will be seeing next fall) is the Safe Routes to School $1.1M grant. North Wales Health Council is the model school for the District and serves as the template for the entire district Health Councils. In 2009, the Health Council was recognized by the state for Best Promising Practice and awarded a Keystone Health Award. In 2012, North Wales was invited by the President's Obesity Task Force to participate in the Healthy US Schools Challenge. North Wales is the pilot and first school in the district to be designated a Healthy US School.

Thank you to Home and School for putting us into the budget and helping us with volunteers. Thank you to all the NWE parents and families for your support. Last but not least, thank you so much teachers for a really terrific partnership these last 5 years.

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