Arrival & Dismissal Procedure

Car Riders: Drop-off and pick up of Car Riders will occur at the canopy at the back of the building. All cars must enter from Fourth Street and may only drop-off/pick up their students in the designated drop off/pick up area. For the safety of the students, this is the only location for drop off and pick up of students who are driven to/from school.

  • Arrival: Parents should pull-up to the drop-off zone, allow students to exit and then pull away so that other cars may pull forward to unload. We request that parents remain in the car. Students are only to exit their car on the curb side (right side).
  • Pick-up: Family last name should be displayed in large letters visible from the front of the car (Suggestion: placing a name card on the passenger side visor enables you to conveniently flip it down when needed). Students will be called as the cars are lined up. We request that parents remain in the car. Students are only to enter their car from the curb side (right side).

For the safety of all children, at no time should a parent/guardian pull around to pass a stopped car.


Walkers: Students who walk to school enter the building via the doors on the Fourth Street Playground.

  • Arrival: Arrival time is from 8:55am-9:05am. Students arriving to school during this time are to report to the Fourth Street playground and enter through these doors.
  • Dismissal: At dismissal all walkers will exit through the same doors. Parents who meet walkers may wait for them on the Fourth Street playground.

Staff will be supervising this area during arrival and dismissal times. Parents please do not allow students to arrive earlier than 8:55 am as they will be unsupervised until that time.


Bus: All buses will park along the school side of Summit Street during arrival and dismissal. Students who ride the bus will enter/exit the building via the Summit Street doors.

  • There is to be no parking along Summit Street, between Second and Fourth Streets, during school hours.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from driving down Summit St. (between Second & Fourth Streets) during arrival and dismissal times. This will allow busses to enter and exit the loading zone safely and easily.


Thank you again for your continued support of North Wales Elementary School and the safety of our children. If you have any questions, please call the main office at 215-699-4471.