ACCESS Testing for ELL's FAQ's

What is the ACCESS for ELLs?

The ACCESS is a state assessment designed to measure student mastery of English Language Proficiency standards. Assessment of all students in English Language Development (ELD) programs is required by the federal Title III statute and Chapter 4 of the state education code.

Who takes the ACCESS for ELLs?

The ACCESS is administered to all English Learners in Grades K-12 annually. Students who qualify as English Learners but opt out of ELD instruction must participate in the ACCESS assessment until they reach proficiency.

When is the ACCESS for ELLs administered?

The ACCESS assessment window is generally during the months of January and February. Districts identify specific testing days within the state's testing window.

How long is the ACCESS for ELLs?

The ACCESS consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Each section is administered through a digital assessment system. The total amount of testing time averages three to four hours over the four testing sessions.

How are students scored on the ACCESS for ELLs?

Students are awarded points for correct answers. The open-ended questions that require students to write an extended response are scored against a rubric by teams of assessors. The total number of points earned by a student is converted to scaled score and a proficiency level. The proficiency levels are Entering, Emerging, Developing, Expanding, Bridging, and Reaching. Students at the Bridging and Reaching levels are considered to have mastered the standards for that course.

Is my student required to pass the ACCESS for ELLs to exit the ELD program?

Students must score a minimum of 4.5 on the ACCESS test to be eligible to exit the ELD program. Additional criteria must be met (Language Use Inventories - completed by ESL teachers and content teachers) in order to exit the ELD program. Overall, a student must score a 10.5 (combined ACCESS Score and Language Use Inventory Score).

How do I find out my student's score on the ACCESS for ELLs?

Hard copy student reports are sent home to parents.

Where can I find more information about the ACCESS for ELLs?

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