Swim Practice Information

As part of your registration fee, we've included 8 dates throughout the spring for your child to practice their swimming. Please note, that these sessions are NOT SWIM LESSONS, but rather an opportunity to practice their swimming skills in the pool which our race uses. If your child cannot swim or is not water safe, we STRONGLY recommend enrolling your child in swim lessons, which we offer through the NP Community Education Program or through the YMCA.

This year, swimming practices will be held through a sign-up process. Any athlete can attend any one of the 4 half-hour slots, but must be signed up prior the practice. Athletes may only sign up for 1 half hour slot per Saturday. There is also a limit of 75+10 "walk-in" participants per half hour session. The sign up link for each week will be emailed the Wednesday prior to each week's practice to those registered at that time. Sign ups for swimming practices will become live on Wednesday prior to that week's swimming practice. Please understand that "walk-ups" will be admitted on a first come-first serve basis. If the walk-up spots are full, you will need to wait until the next time slot to be permitted. If you sign up for a swimming slot, you are expected to attend. Please understand that if you sign up for a swimming time, and do not show up, you are taking away an opportunity from someone else who would have liked to come. Please be considerate and do not sign up for swimming practice unless you are able to attend. If an emergency occurs rendering you unavailable for swim practice, please email theodojm@npenn.org.


*If you sign up for a swimming time and fail to show up unexcused, we will remove you from future practices. We are taking attendance each practice.

During swim practices this year, athletes will also be tested on their swimming ability and be classified into 2 categories:

Swimmers - participants that are capable of swimming 20 yards in a forward motion without ANY assistance (NO kickboards, grabbing on lanelines to move forward, stopping in middle of pool to push off the bottom of the pool) will be provided a green wristband and will practice in the designated lanes for green wristbands swimmers.

Non-Swimmers - participants who cannot complete 20 yards without any assistance will receive a red wristband. These individuals will be permitted to train for the triathlon in the designated lanes for red wristbands swimmers. Practices will be limited depending upon the in-water assistance on a given day/time. The non-swimmers are highly encouraged to participant in a swim lesson program.

All participants will be tested at their first practice session and grouped accordingly. Once tested once, swimmers do not need to be tested for consequent practices, unless they wish to be re-tested as a swimmer.

New Swim Practice Changing Room Policy:

Effective immediately: To eliminate further incidents from occurring in the pool locker rooms the following policy will now be instituted for all athletes who wish to use the changing room located in the pool area:

  1. Parents/family members of the same gender for athletes in K-2nd grades MUST accompany their child in the locker rooms. Parents/family members of same gender athletes in grades 3-6 ARE PERMITTED to accompany their athletes into the locker rooms as well.
  2. Children changing into and out of their bathing suits are the responsibility of their parents/family members.
  3. Any incidents that occur in the locker rooms must be reported IMMEDIATELY to a PE teacher on duty.
  4. Any athletes causing misconduct, acting inappropriately, or misusing the locker rooms will forfeit their rights to use the locker rooms in the future with the potential to be removed from future swimming practices and/or the IRONKnights Triathlon.
  5. Parents have the option to use the restroom in the front lobby to allow athletes to change or to not use the changing rooms at all.
  6. During IRONKnights Swimming Practices, ONLY IRONKnights Athletes and their family members are permitted to use the locker rooms.
  7. Parents/Family Members must walk around the diving well end of the pool to enter/exit the changing rooms. Parents may exit through the locker rooms into the sports lobby.

We thank you in advance for your diligence in keeping our athletes safe during swimming practices.

IRONKnights Swim Practices 2020


Saturday, February 29

Saturday, March 14 

Saturday, March 21 

Saturday, March 38 

Saturday, April 4

Saturday, April 18 

Saturday, April 25 

Saturday, May 2


12:15 - 12:45 pm

12:45 - 1:15 pm

1:15 - 1:45 pm

1:45 - 2:15 pm