ABCs of Gifted Education

ABC's of Gifted Education
Common Acronyms

The World of Gifted Education is filled with Acronym's GIEP, NORA, PLEP, GMDE, GMDT, .... Start here to learn what they mean.

2E - Twice Exceptional (gifted & disabled)

  • AP - Advanced Placement
  • CBA - Curriculum Based Assessment
  • CDT - Classroom Diagnostic Tools, computer adaptive assessment offered for free to PA schools
  • CER - Comprehensive Evaluation Report (pre-2001 Chapter 14)
  • EG - Exceptionally Gifted
  • FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
  • GAI - Global Ability Index, calculation of IQ that excludes working memory and processing speed
  • GE - Grade Equivalent, estimate of how an average student in the grade equivalent would have scored on the same test as your child. For example, if your second grade student receives a GE of 5.0, this means that the average 5th grader would have scored the same as your child on that particular test. However, one must look at the level of material of the test itself. If the test was on second grade material, then knowing how an average 5th grader would have performed on a second grade test is not particularly useful. A GE does NOT tell you what material your child is ready to learn.
  • GIEP - Gifted Individualized Education Program
  • GMDE - Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation
  • GMDT - Gifted Multidisciplinary Team
  • GWR - Gifted Written Report
  • HG - Highly Gifted
  • IAS - Iowa Acceleration Scale, survey that gathers information in a variety of areas to predict if the student is a good candidate for acceleration
  • IDEA - Individual with Disabilities Education Act
  • IEP - Individualized Education Program
  • IQ - Intelligence Quotient
  • LD - Learning Disabled
  • MAP - Measures of Academic Progress, computer adaptive assessment from NWEA
  • MDE - Multidisciplinary Evaluation
  • MG - Moderately/Mildly Gifted
  • NAGC - National Association for Gifted Children
  • NORA - Notice of Recommended Assignment
  • NWEA - Northwest Evaluation Association
  • OE's - Over Excitabilities, extreme sensitivities in five areas, psychomotor, sensual, imaginational, intellectual, and emotional
  • PAGE - Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education
  • PDE - Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • PG - Profoundly Gifted
  • PLEP - Present Level(s) of Educational Performance
  • SCAT - School and College Ability Test
  • SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted